S.F. trip.

| 11.18.2008

Pack up.  Swords and bags. Bagel bits. duh.
Who needs GPS, a good ole map will do.
Hella Hyphy.
El Capitian Hostel.  Meth heads, paper kicker catchers, and people mumbling "i hate my life, so much". Classy joint.
Ad reads "one rooms, four beds"  Got room and there were two beds.  When James went to confront the front desk about our concern he replied "we don't have rooms with four beds" James said "the ad says four beds" he replied "noooooooooo you can't even fit four beds"
Mission Street or Market Street or some street they all look the same.
hmmmm... i dunno wendy.... he's your kid.
The view from the capitain.
I wouldn't even walk this hill let alone skate it.  I wouldn't even drive it, oh noooo.
I will own this.
I will own this too.
Make all these suckers pay.