Text Styl'n

| 11.13.2008

Me and James texted back and forth when he was in Mexico and I in Africa.  This is the magic.


You know no comply 

because I don’t comply, to the rules.

What, they made by fools.

Betcha didn’t know I have the ability 

to give these words agility.

Fly through da air, ill add a skateboard too.

I’ll make it fully flared, but don’t be scared or do.

Thats up to you.

I’ll spout these rhymes enough times

to make you rhymin impaired

...oh what.

You’re no comply 

if I dare imply, does not comply

nor will it fly.

Proposing such thoughts will soon deny

now let me flow my.

I’ve been rhymin since day one,

Say other wise and you’ll be done.

I don’t do it for fun, for the hun, or the bun.

May I be tempted to pull my gun

and ruin all the fun?

I hope not son.

Oh! No! Ah! What? 

Now you done it, talking about the skills you lack. 

So let us confront it.

ok, first things first. 

I’m about to snatch you from your hearse.

Cuz you rhymin like you dead and 

I’m tempted to curse...

but no I wont cuz, I mean cuh

wit an H cuz da same letter start da words hyphy and hate.

Well, I’m a wrap dis up now just lettin you know

how we real MC’s play the game with a golden mouth.

A golden mouth?

Please! let no more out.  

You know what I’m about,

doing tricks down south.

So let me break it down,

I’m bout to bring this home,

to get it through your dome.

I flow with my brain and not with my mouth.

Call me insane, but its what I’m about.

From the brain comes thoughts

while the mouth just talks.

You’ve been talking my friend,

When will it end?

Ok it ends right here.

I hope this message is clear.

That the talented with words instills the meaning of fear.

My thoughts remain in you’re ear,

like a pesky mosquito.

Don’t get bit out here.

You’ll mearly, clearly have malaria.

Ya, i know it sound scarya.

You know that your wary of me.

Can’t you see that it’s over now.

I won and it’s done, it was fun, gotta run, son.

Cook an onion cuz thats what what we eat,

in central America.

If I say anymore I’ll prolly win the pulitzer.

So ill quit legit and keep it real.

No bullets’r guns, just raw fun.


Been freestylin last couple of days.

Like I was born in San Fran Bay.

Dodgin the gay,

Ignoring their “heeeeeeyyyyyyyyys”

Its the only way.

I don’t need no beats,

they just slow me down.

Makin all the other mc’s frown.

Flippin words like I’m brown.

Still hangin white

just living in the night.

Try to front this light

and I’ll blind your sight.

Right. Write!

We will be grindin back soon

under stars and the moon,

just flippin off the goons like it was June.

Panera Bread twice a day,

why not make it three? 

Ahhhh. Yeah Homie. Money been growin on trees.

Just ask “more please”

I’ll make it happen,

Ive been payin bills with this rappin.

Wow son I must say, those rhymes was pretty good.

at the end of the day.

But let me say, that the waves today

are much better in el salvadizzay

got rights for dayz.

I aint playing, just chillin with the bear,

and his hairy hair

Cut my foot on the reef

But its a relief.

To be on the beach.

Comin home soon.

We gonna zoom zoom,

before I leave the California moon.

Got me there...

but you rhymin like Cher.

The rights are none,

and the Bear is done.

I Africa surfin aint fun,

just gettin red in the sun.

Without the water 

and it couldn’t be hotter.

But at the end of the day

I must say.

Newport Beach is where we play.

Making the best of a few 

and a number of things to do.

Can’t wait to see ya

and share some more good times

and even drop a few rhymes.


I got thirteen days till I hit freedom.

I’m sitting next to a homie with three guns.

Trying to manage 

like a wound with no bandage.

Seeing what’s new,

if the skys are blue

and what you’re about to do.

give me new news

that nobody knew

and tell me whats true.

Africa is just Afro Cuh.


Just wanna skate some and surf a few more

just have to walk through customs door

 and touch down on the floor.

See you soon 

eat some soup with a spoon.

We may have missed june

and my birthday ballon.

but it don’t mean we wont swoon

these goons Oct. 2nd 

in the noon.

Well tru dat foo, whatcha gon do

I’m on the poo

doin what I do

Painting my bike blue

It aint for you dude

Don’t be rude.

I’m in a good mood

Just ate some food.

With some milk and a spoon

There aint no room for error

We in a war on terror

and it dont get scarier 

than malariar 

on a bombardier

dont put up a barrier

don’t need a carrier

way up here theres some airy air.

I’m sitting in a hut letting mad words flow.

Just thought to myself maybe I would let you know.

All of our ladies are about to go.

So the only thing left is to sell hats yo.

I aint got malaria but had a stomach Parasite.

Sat on the toilet the whole damn night.

Until light did I pain, 

Nearly drove me insane.

Can’t wait to see America like a Neil Diamond Hit,

Blowin up Fireworks into tiny bits. 

Hang all day doing nothin at all,

to me my friend...  That’s my favorite kinda ball.

Many to call.

OC bout to fall, 

Like a Jericho wall.

I land in LAX at One oh Five,

Then I’ll feel like I’m alive.

Four oh Five to the south of LA jive.

Just us guys, dropping no complys.

No lie, just try.

gotta buy my shy pie, deny?

Survive to live life and we will do it again,

Writing our stories with paper and pen.


Oh so you droppin in at one oh five

Thats a few hours later than I thought you’d arrive

but dats cool, it’s good I still gotta get a ticket 

so I can show how to get fix-ed 

got my new bike blue 

and Ima bring it ta ya in a brown box lookin like poo

so when you get off da plane 

you be like who dis james mang

he gotta full kit

so we better respect it 

den we go down and surf ta da land uh oranges

while I try to find a word that be ryhmin wif oranges

but oh it aint happenin 

i been to busy rappin

dat I spout out a word out of time 

and incapable of rhyme.


Brown Babies, Brown boxes.

Brown lazy, Brown foxes. 

Guess we both livin in a bit of Africa.

Tell it when I see ya. 

Over here they rep Marley Jah

Smokin yella bananas called Ganja.

Not to mistaken for da weed. 

This stuff growin on trees.

Riding on the public bus sharin seats with goats and chixs.

This aint a boat, cant mix.

No body of water in this whole town.

so no fish bowls around.

Bout to dry out

And shout. 

Death and taxes they say, the only things that certain.

Meth and Crack son, they play down in brooklyn.

Gonna be da en of em.

Forgive em and live em. 

rest in peace van.

Wasn’t part of the plan.

Got straight ridin krooked.

Had a ticket and booked it. 

NY/SF rep to Gonz. 

Never knew you, wished you weren’t gone.

Why has everyone been dying for so long.