Film for my Homies.

| 1.13.2009

Oh the French...
it's 2009, get it straight/ride krooked
Tahoe Trees.
Mmmmmm... the French...
Huge sled indy... oh what!
The Tahoe Olympics!  
Rocker Garry
The eskimo in hid natural habitat.
My bro has swagger in his style.
Hustler For death no heaven for a gangsta.
Krochet Kids
Almond Surfboards.
The sea Gypsy at Pismo.
Reap the rewards.
Security Cam.  My favorite.
Kinda dark but had to do it.  Twice!
Runs this town.
One day James... one glorious day. no homo.


MIC said...

I like the rocker garry pic....

james said...

These dark days seem abysmal at best...dude those photos turned out so good, where'd you get em developed? I'm about to drop off another roll today, the last one didn't turn out so well. keep em comin cuh, SF is over the horizon