Sick Explories.

| 2.13.2009

Since I've been sick I've been taking part some great activities.  For example I beat Super Smash Bro's and was rewarded with this image.  The encouragement made me better.  
My brother is the greatest person I know.  Thats no lie.  
It was so clear we could see the snowy mountains.  Thanks God. 
Darth Vader
The dynamic Duo.


Mike said...

I knew you stole our super smash brothers game from our house. I am getting that back at some point you poop. I still you though. Have fun in SLO. When you and Allie climb to the top of Mt. Bishops... be sure to say "I am the king of the World".
-Mike H.

Mike said...

I forgot the word "like" in the sentence... I still like you though. I am an idiot.