| 4.22.2009

With all of this traffic to my blog I thought I would take the chance to post a little plug!

Check out Krochet Kids International!!!!

Krochet Kids International is a youthful movement fighting poverty by producing and selling distinctive, life changing products. This movement was started by a group of university students compelled to LOVE, to help, and to have fun doing it. Help make a difference.

Wouldn't it be cool to know who made your hat?

Starting with this SPRING/SUMMER '09 line, select hats will have an inside label in them that is signed by the woman who crocheted the hat. We at Krochet Kids International really make an effort to connect the faces and stories of our friends in Uganda with YOU. We do this for 2 reasons: 1) to let you learn about these amazing women, and 2) to allow you to see exactly how your hat purchase is positively affecting the life of the woman who created it.

We are extremely excited about this newest feature of our products, and we hope you are too. Check out the women's profiles and read about Beatrice today by clicking HERE. We'll continue to update their profiles with new information as well.