Email from wired!

| 4.21.2009

Hi Brad! My name is Chris Baker, and I'm the editor who worked with Lone 
Shark Games on the hidden puzzles in the May issue. 

I've been closely watching your blog, and relaying status reports to all of 
my colleagues at Wired. We've been fascinated by your process of discovery, 
and the discoveries of other solvers who found your blog. (We all had to 
struggle against the urge to send you hints, or direct your attention away 
from red herrings!) 

I just wanted to congratulate you and all the other solvers who chipped in 
on cracking our codes. I also really appreciate your efforts to keep the 
path to the ultimate solution concealed, so that other readers who're just 
now getting the issue will have a chance to earn some of those "eureka!" 
moments on their own. That's very classy and totally in keeping with the 
spirit of JJ Abrams' essay in the magazine. 

We'll be running an exhaustive rundown on all of the hidden puzzle elements 
in a week or two on, once more people have had a chance to solve 
it. I'll give you a headsup when we're about to do that in case you want to 
repost the stuff that you've taken down. We'll also be doing a piece on our 
website about the first people to solve the metapuzzle, and we'll certainly 
be chronicling the group that coalesced around your site in that piece. 


Chris Baker 
Senior Editor 
Wired Magazine 
520 Third Street Suite 305 
San Francisco, CA 94107 



Anonymous said...

CONGRATS, Brad!! How cool!

I've been working on the remaining clues, namely the lotto numbers page and the "Violet Sedan Chair" page... to no avail just yet. I have to say that this email's mention of "red herrings" kinda has me questioning my assumptions.

Now I'm flipping through the whole issue again, just in case...

If I come up with anything, I'll post it, but in the meantime, I just wanted to congratulate you on getting recognized for your efforts in unraveling the great mysteries...



bradical said...

Thank you Matto! It wasn't just me though, it was everyone who helped on here! The "Red herrings" mention also threw me off the trail a bit, but I might start looking for other stuff again. If you find anything let me know!


Kevin Sutherland said...

Ha Ha. Is it possible their mention of red herrings is a red herring? Clearly that YouTube video isn't just hasn't led us anywhere yet... :-)

Guillermo said...

I just got the magazine yesterday and since I have this weird habit of reading magazines backwards my first clue there was something wrong was the Star Trek article (continued from page 508)and written by none other than Don E. Veeger (the Voyager probe from Star Trek The Motion Picture). I think what you guys are doing is great and will try to wrap my head around it and help if I can.