To know that those who talk don't know and those who know don't talk. She couldnt help but sing!

| 5.31.2009

How could resist posting this again!
Mom and Dad's other car.
Who's been watching me all day.
what I've been watching all day.
Desert state of mind.
I see you Stew, nice work back there.
We were playing "who could get the farthest from the center" Ally is really bad at it.
Sorry Joel that you came all the way to Cali and smashed your head in LA.
Sorry grandma, you got me in real bowling but I'm rolling hard in this shi.
102 degrees in SLO and someone hit a fire hydrant. Hurray!
Oh Tim
Oh brian
Oh Fatty
Hell of a family. Let me change that, hell of a good family.
Dog, seeds, and baseball.
Hanging marge. Mad mad mad mad world.
Steve studying.
Steve studying.
I miss you Jace.
KKI Stew and Dave!
Pre-fund raiser.
Pre- pre-fund raiser.
YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANNY! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!