J.J. Abrams and wired magazine's answer.

| 4.20.2009

I am wondering if anyone thinks there is any clues that I should delete that would make this more fun for other people.  Maybe the spoiler warning is enough?  Or indulge in the mystery.  

Personally I know that if it hasnt hit stores yet (i think) there will still be many people that are curious and will find this blog as simply as you have and has wired mag has find the answer instantly... ruining the "mystery".  Plus if people really wanna know answer but don't want to do the puzzle at all I would rather them never know...

We did the puzzle together.  So I am asking, together, if you want to delete some of the main clues to the "end".  



I deleted all of the comments/post that would reveal any major clues.  If you would like the work that was done I save it all in a word document.  Just email me at brad@krochetkids.org if you want the main convo's.  

Thanks again for everyone who played.


Anonymous said...

I'd delete everything that refers to page numbers, tips, clues, or keywords. Leave the Violet Sedan Chair references! Thanks again. thE enD

bradical said...

haha drive em mad with the VSC reference!

Thank you T.


bradical said...

I'll give it one day and then delete anything that's a dead give away.

Anonymous said...

Maybe make a spoiler section. I'd still have trouble solving some of these clues - even with people pointing me to the right page!

There are not many people who are blogging about this. (maybe because it's not on newstands yet?) But I have enjoyed coming to your site for help.

And I know that this totally goes against what Abrams said in his article, but I just won't be able to to it on my own :(

Thanks for the help so far!!!!

bradical said...

Just send me your email and I'll send it to you!

bradical said...
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Anonymous said...

are you still sending out the answers? i was looking to get some answers to this edition. thanks. I'll leave my email but i didn't want to post it to this blog. thanks.