Violet Sedan Chairs youtube video.

| 4.19.2009

I think it says this:

"I guess somehow through playing the keyboard you can tell that I had a great voice even though we never heard it, so i went for about a year and people would ask what are you gonna play for us and my my my favorite track on the record was violets slow vibrations because it dealt with topics that were real..."

That's what me and my cousin got out of it.  Also check out the rest of MIKELEEPSYCHS videos.  they were all loaded after this one and they are all kinda strange.  See if it is anything.  



Jer said...

I'm starting to think the youtube video is just someone messing with the contest, but who knows.

The artwork next to the band names on page 62 lists all the tracks on all the albums mentioned.

The tracks listed for the Violet Sedan Chairs album Seven Suns are:
1. Odelavrd (?)
2. Right Vibrations (?)
3. Hovercraft Mother
4. She's Doing Fine
5. Long List of Lovers
6. Keep Climbing
7. 500 Years
8. Last Man In Space
9. Seven Suns (Setting)
10. Re Fa Mi Si Sol La (in a different font)
11. Greenmana (In different color)

Greenmana is the 11th missing song listed in the Hidden Gems, so I think that's the clue we should focus on.

Also, Transaddition means adding one letter to a word, and then re-arranging the letters to form a new word.

"Violet Sedan Chair" seems like a good candidate for this sort of treatment, but I haven't figured it out.

Anonymous said...

"Odelay" is the title of Beck's Album (3 columns over).
"RDZ right" is the end of "Playa Cardz Right" by 2Pac (5 columns over).

Seven Suns
1. Seven Suns (Rising
2. Slow Vibration
The rest look right to me.

Kevin Sutherland said...

A quick Google search on Mike Lee Psych returns a Wikipedia Article on a T.V. Show...wait for it...The Wire! Perhaps it should be The Wired?

Benxamin said...

YouTube is a red herring (unless you can strip-out the audio and play it in reverse...) I understand that you won't need the Internet to solve the puzzles (except as a reference).

Band: Violet Sedan Chair
Album: Seven Suns
Track 10. Re Fa Mi Si Sol La
Track 11. Green Mana

In the lower right corner of the back in dark ink on the black background:


The only "green mana" I know if was in Magic: The Gathering. And their fate was at the hands of the highest eBay bidder years ago...

Unclear = Not Clear, which could mean any number of things like "out of focus" or "cloudy" or "obfuscated" or "encoded."
Green mana is encoded? I suspect it's key is in the penultimate track, number 10.

Track 10: Re Fa Mi Si Sol La
Corresponds to these notes in the Western scales: D F E B G A.

I played this with various tempos, but nothing sounded familiar.

If the band name is an anagram, there are a LOT of solutions:
...and a host of other guesses with HAIR and LOINS.

I'd like "Green Mana" to be some kind of pig latin for "anagram."

Gary said...

some talk about this mysterious violet sedan chair album here

Matt P. said...

Did anyone else notice the "and low 13" sandwiched in the wrapping text for the Green Day album, just to the left of the entry for Kid A? Incidentally, did you notice that Dookie doesn't have an entry in the Hidden Gems column, yet is part of the picture? What does it mean? What is "and low 13"? And where the heck is the transaddition puzzle, anyhow?!?

Anonymous said...

First off, what about the Green Manalishi from early Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green guitar). Then look at all the octave/ rainbow references.
sorry, i don't know what this contest is, just stumbled on this via an article in Wired.

Anonymous said...

1971 The liner notes on Violet Sedan Chair's album Seven Suns list a missing 11th song, and the penultimate track is rumored to produce hallucinatory effects when played on multiple turntables.

Read More

Furthermore ... urban dictionary says a Sancha (i.e. allen Sancha) is another name for mistress on par with Wife (second wife) , mistress who man is cheating on with. Entries for Allen and Allan too.

Kev said...

why hasn't anyone thought of this as maybe the transaddition word "Odelavrd" and what if it is weird not wired?

Alistair said...

Notice how the wired article mentioning this record is posted on the same day as an article about JJ Abrams' musical tastes.

The same JJ Abrams that is behind Fringe, and is embedding hidden clues in this album (supposedly). They say it's been shipped to record stores across the US.


Jess said...

If it is an anagramn then:

Violet Sedan Chair = Olive Can Read This

Anonymous said...

Two links to download the album:

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